Tidal Waves

3 Tidal Waves to Create the Curls You Want

Professional Use Only

Hair type : Fine Hair, Normal Hair, Resistant Hair



 Tidal Wave No. 1 — The mildest of perms. Soft “C” curl patterns are good for body waves, for finer hair types. Can be used on color-treated and highlighted hair.

Tidal Wave No. 2 – Medium perm and our most popular. Gives a firm “S” curl pattern and long-lasting curl. Can be used on color-treated hair.

The Tidal Wave No. 3 – Self-heating perm with the firmer hold. Gives a firm “S” curl pattern, and very well defines curl. Long-lasting perm. For all hair types that are resistant to and don’t hold a perm well. Can be used on color-treated hair.

Key ingredients

Paul Brown Hawaii’s primary focus is on maintaining the health and integrity of the hair. Paul Brown Hawaii Tidal Waves perms are proven to be gentler in restructuring the hair than most conventional perms. Our perms are formulated with Cysteanmine Hydrochloride as the active ingredient, and sodium bromated as the neutralizer. Sodium Bromate does no lift color and aids in the reduction of “after-perm odors.” The Tidal Wave perms contain a pH of 7.2.

How to use

BY PROFESSIONAL COSMETOLOGISTS ONLY. Call 1-800-338-0033 for information