Shine Amplifier

Shine Amplifier

Pure, brilliance Mist For Luminous, Weightless Shine

Hair Type: All
Size: 4 oz



Shine Amplifier transforms dull, lifeless hair and adds a polished, reflective shine with natural weightless brilliance to your hairstyling routine. It works by using a very fine, lightweight mist to ensure a natural finish. Bonus: It’s water-soluble, so gets shine without the buildups. This ultimate finisher will renew the luster of even the dullest hair. Natural sunscreens protect color without weighing down hairstyles.

Key Ingredients

  • A shiny gloss that can be used for all hair types.
  • Alcohol-free formulation and will not dry out hair.
  • Unique, natural fragrance reminiscing of Hawaii’s home-grown vanilla.
  • Absolute no animal testing. Green by Design. The color-safe formula will not lift or remove color. Made without sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride.

How to Use

Lightly mist onto styled hair for a beautiful shine and to tame flyaways.