Gelatine Goo

Gelatine Goo

CustomizeD, Firm Holding Gel

Hair Type: All Types

Size: 6 oz



Firm Holding Gel


Will not flake or become brittle, providing better styling control with less tugging and discomfort. Includes multiple holding and styling agents allowing for individual customization, thanks to the multiple holding and styling agents. Contains Kukui Nut Oil, a natural protein, and sunscreen that consist of the

Key ingredients

It contains Kukui Nut Oil, a natural protein and sunscreen that consist of the essential fatty acids linoleic (42%) and linolenic (29%), more commonly known as omega oils that renew sheen, elasticity, and balance moisture content in hair and scalp. Specially formulated with PBH’s proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex, plus the benefits of panthenol to rebuild bonds for stronger, healthier hair. 

No animal testing. Green by Design. Free of sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens.

Gelatin Goo is enriched with hydrolyzed collagen, panthenol, and natural extracts to enhance the appearance, suppleness, and sheen of hair. This alcohol-free gel is superior in hold and shine and has a low pH to prevent drying of the scalp.

How to use

Ideal for customizing and controlling the amount of hold, especially for the firm, solid hairstyles, and is versatile enough to be used as a setting gel.  Apply a small amount to the palm, rub hands together and massage into the hair, concentrating application on the roots. Comb evenly throughout the entire length of hair and proceed with styling.