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Define Curls & Add Volume

Do you want to define your curls and add more volume without the frizz? Use a bowl diffuser. It is a round, bow-shaped attachment with “fingers.” It is designed to disperse the airflow and spread it over a large area. This translates to less frizz and flyaways. In addition, a bowl diffuser allows you to […]

Favorite Summer Looks

Summertime is an excellent excuse to change things up a bit, maybe add a little texture and layers to give your hair a more free-spirited, effortless, and lightweight feel. In general, we find that women like to dial up the drama for fall and winter. But when balmy weather settles in, they want to make […]

Three-Step Hair Detox For Healthy Hair

If your hair is damaged or is experiencing major breakage, it is time for a hair detox. This isn’t the time to scavenge for new hair products or easy fixes. This is the time for serious hair rehab and long-term solutions.We’ve developed a 5-step process that will help you establish a foundation for healthier hair. […]

Stylists Secrets + Hair Restorative Cocktail

Everyone wants locks that glisten, and shine. You can have healthy-looking hair by following our shiny hair secrets. If Your Hair Is Damaged Invest in a quality deep-conditioning treatment and use it once a week. At Paul Brown Hawaii, our stylists make their own using our hydrating best-selling Resurrect conditioner, Diamond Head serum, and kukui […]

Prevent Sun Damage

You can never have too much fun. But too much sun is another story. In the last couple of years, there has been more talk about hair damage because of prolonged sun exposure. We know what happens to our skin if we don’t wear sunscreen, but we rarely consider its impact on hair. Here, our […]

Younger Looking Hair

The years have taken their toll on your hair. Those shiny tresses we took for granted as teenagers suddenly appear duller in your 30s, less bouncy, and, well, faded. Not only do you have to color grays, but you must also be proactive about keeping your hair looking young and healthy. You can be firm […]