Three-Step Hair Detox For Healthy Hair

If your hair is damaged or is experiencing major breakage, it is time for a hair detox. This isn’t the time to scavenge for new hair products or easy fixes. This is the time for serious hair rehab and long-term solutions.
We’ve developed a 5-step process that will help you establish a foundation for healthier hair. For best results, you should adhere to these steps for at least two weeks. That’s it, besties. That’s just 14 days out of 364. Easy.
Here are the basic steps:

  • Step 1 – Cleanse & Clarify
  • Step 2 – Deep Conditioning
  • Step 3 – Protect Your Hair
Deep Cleansing

Shampooing is critical in our hair detox program. The goal is to remove all buildup from hair products and hard-to-remove minerals deposited by water (especially well water). There are many different types of shampoos out there. But for our hair detox program, you’ll need a regular daily shampoo and a clarifying shampoo. It’s important to find a clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair of the good along with the bad. Our Retexturing Shampoo (which is a clarifying shampoo), for example, is formulated to lift stubborn styling products, like gels, hair sprays, and mousses, along with dirt and pollution that accumulates on the hair follicles over time. No, regular shampoo isn’t going to cut it. If you can’t find a good clarifying shampoo, then add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to every 1 tablespoon of good-quality shampoo.
To start, use the Retexturing Shampoo on Days 1, 7, and 14. The rest of the time, you can use your regular shampoo, whether it’s a moisturizing or volumizing shampoo, depending on your goals and hair needs.

Deep Conditioning

After shampooing, your hair needs a deep conditioning treatment. Use your favorite deep conditioning mask or try our Hawaiian Rejuvenation Cocktail. Our stylists around the world have relied on this no-fail recipe:

  • 1 ounce Resurrect
  • 1/4 ounce Kukui Nut Oil
  • 8-10 drops Diamond Head

Use this deep conditioner once a week, alternating with your daily conditioner. If your hair is super stressed and dry, then deep condition your hair on Days 1, 7, and 14, the same days as your deep cleansing. Deep conditioning helps to prevent further damage and enhances hair’s appearance. Hair that is regularly conditioned will feel better and responds differently than hair that gets a deep conditioner only once a month.

Protect and Add Shine

Your hair, like your skin can use a little moisturizer and protection with time and daily wear and tear. So, like your foundation, products like our Diamond Heads (Click Here to product page) smoothes the cuticle while protecting your locks from pollution. Another added bonus? When the cuticle is smooth, it reflects, and you get shinier hair. Just what a girl needs.

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