Favorite Summer Looks

Summertime is an excellent excuse to change things up a bit, maybe add a little texture and layers to give your hair a more free-spirited, effortless, and lightweight feel. In general, we find that women like to dial up the drama for fall and winter. But when balmy weather settles in, they want to make a statement and keep cool. There are so many options, but here are a few breezy, summer hairstyles to consider:
Long & Textured
No, we’re not talking about beachy waves here, although that’s always an option. To achieve the long & textured look, ask your stylists for long layers that will dry thoroughly without the help of a blow dryer. Here you get some natural movement and a little kink, but it gives the impression of effortless, natural beauty. Depending on your natural texture and desired length, your stylist should be able to customize the look to suit you.
Wavy Lob
We love this look. It’s flattering to almost everyone. This textured, asymmetric look is equal parts edgy and chic, and it’s a great way to keep your hair off your back when it’s steamy outside. Also, it’s ideal for gals who prefer longer hair, so the lob is much less daunting than a bob and less committal. Plus, it’s easy to grow out your hair again. Unlike with a bob, there’s no awkward in-between phase. With a lob, your stylist can adjust accordingly as your hair grows out. Ask your stylist for a layered lob with some face-framing pieces. When it comes to styling, we suggest curling your hair in alternating directions for a tousled look.
Bangs, Bangs, Baby
It’s so retro. Baby bangs are a great summer hair trend to give you a rocker-chic vibe for the summertime. While this look isn’t for everyone, it’s undoubtedly show-stopping. It also frames the eye and shows off those eyebrows in an oh-so-lovely way. We recommend this look if your hair is already on the straight side. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a hassle to style for those with curls. The fashion runways of Paris and New York are featuring the look, and this look is a great way to crank up the drama…and show off those eyebrows!
Summer Color
You don’t have to go bleach blond to lift your color and lift your spirits for the summer. If you are a brunette, you can brighten by adding subtle caramel depth with balayage or ombre. Now, if you happen to be a blond or near it, cool, ashy tones are so in this year. We’re talking about Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne’s icy locks.

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