Define Curls & Add Volume

Do you want to define your curls and add more volume without the frizz? Use a bowl diffuser. It is a round, bow-shaped attachment with “fingers.” It is designed to disperse the airflow and spread it over a large area. This translates to less frizz and flyaways. In addition, a bowl diffuser allows you to cup your hair to define natural curls and waves because it dispersed the air without disturbing the hair’s natural wave pattern. Amazingly, it can also be used to boost thin, fine hair, to create fuller hairstyles. Use it correctly, and it can be the difference between big hair and a big mess. Here are a few tips:

  • Start with a good foundation for your hair – literally. Like your skin, hair needs a little help. You layer on serums and a moisturizer right to keep your foundation smooth and flawless. Well, it’s the same thing with hair. We don’t often think about it. Any good hairstyle is set up with a strong foundation. It can make the difference between glossy, defined locks or kicky, frizzy hair.
    You can use a leave-in treatment, like Treat Elite, or our go-to for smoother locks, whether you’re a girl with curls or straight hair is Diamond Heads. This water-soluble silicon base product prevents dryness, damage, and split ends before you dive into your volumizing sprays, mousse, or root lifters.
  • From there, heat protectant is a must, such as Thermal Power is a must. Anytime you are going to be using any heated styling tools on your precious tresses; you’re going to want to apply a heat, UV protectant to help avoid hair burnout especially if you are an everyday hot tools user.
  • It isn’t necessary to have the blow dryer set on the highest heat, especially if you have thin hair. Improper heat settings result in damaged-looking hair. Start with low speed and heat settings. Using a diffuser with a dryer set on high defeats its purpose and can cause the dryer to overheat. If low is too low for you, then start with a medium to medium-high setting.
    Lastly, keep the dryer moving. Never let the air stay directed at the same spot for any length of time.
    But even before you switch on the blow dryer, gently towel dry hair and squeeze out excess moisture. Avoid harshly rustling and rubbing hair with the towel. Harsh towel-drying creates a positive charge on the hair. The result? Frizz and static electricity. So be gentle: squeeze and dab.
  • Some may recommend you flip your hair over, then dry it. But we suggest you don’t for better control. Instead, using your free hand, lift the roots surrounding the crown of the head with your fingers and dry. Once your hair is dried mid-way, work from the back to the front with your diffuser facing your scalp at a 90° angle. Gently, but consistently massage the diffuser prongs or “fingers” into the hair in circular movements. Start to maneuver your way down the length of your hair, continuously pushing your hair up towards the scalp and slowly bringing it back down again.
  • When your hair is completely dry, feel free to go in with all of your finishing styling products. If you have thin hair, use an added dose of volumizing spray or throw in some texturizer. If your hair is thick, curly, and wild, grab some curling cream for glowing hair that looks healthy and defined. Most hair types can handle a light layer of shine spray, like Shine Amplifier, to top off your hairstyle.

Once you get the hang of using a diffuser, you will become addicted to getting this natural pumped-up look.

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