Younger Looking Hair

The years have taken their toll on your hair. Those shiny tresses we took for granted as teenagers suddenly appear duller in your 30s, less bouncy, and, well, faded. Not only do you have to color grays, but you must also be proactive about keeping your hair looking young and healthy. You can be firm of body and wrinkle-free, but if your hair seems tired and worn out, then you will, too. Hair frames the face. It’s like artwork. The frame is part of the whole picture. Anyway, moving on to the matter at hand.
Luckily, you have tons of resources these days to turn back time. Here are 7 year-shaving tips:

  • Go lighter, not darker as you age. If you had coal-black hair as a young girl, consider coloring your hair dark mahogany in your late 40s and 50s, with subtle, flattering bronze highlights around the face to brighten skin tone.
  • Is hair starting to thin? It happens as you grow older, especially after having a baby, as many women report thinner hair. Oh, the sacrifices you make! If you have fine or thinning hair, try a one-length cut, such as a chin bob or a mid-length cut that grazes your shoulders. Avoid razor cuts or lots of layers, which can thin out the hair.
  • Beautiful, voluptuous waves and curls. Curl your hair or go naturally curly (if you’re lucky) for a loose, cascading look that appears so youthful and fresh as waves gently curve and accentuate your no-longer plum cheeks. Your features tend to get bonier, and slightly more pinched as you age, and curvaceous curls combat that.
  • Add back the shine. Use silicone-based serums, such as Paul Brown Hawaii’s Diamond Heads. Apply to clean, damp hair and style as usual. Afterward, amp up the shine by running HapunaArgan Oil or your preferred oil through your hair.
  • Gray roots may look “au natural” cool on Hollywood stars, but out of the celebrity gossip pages and on the streets, it’s aging. So as gray roots start to peep through, make your hair part less distinguished and a tad unstructured to take focus away from gray roots until you’re ready for touchups.
  • I hate this about getting old, even more than the grays: Coarser Hair. As you age, hair cuticles become coarser, accentuating frizzes. To soften the frizz, add a few drops of Kukui Nut Oil to your shampoo and conditioner. Also use an anti-frizz shampoo and a rich, nourishing anti-frizz conditioner to keep the frizzies away.
  • While parting your hair in the middle was fun and bohemian-ish in your 20s and 30s, it can add years when you’re older. Sweep bangs to one side and avoid severe bangs, as they emphasize wrinkles. Keep bangs soft, and longish. Consider feathered bangs, which gently frame your features for a youthful appearance.

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